This Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dog Got the Michelin-Star Treatment


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This Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dog Got the Michelin-Star Treatment

No matter what ridiculous hot dog debate you get roped into, Daniel Humm's hot dog is the answer.

Photo by Hillary Eaton.

Hot dogs always seem to be at the center of one debate question or another. And we've got the answer to all of them.

Is a hot dog actually a sandwich? As long as they don't come out of a dirty-water bath from a New York street cart, hot dogs are delicious, so it doesn't matter. At all.

Beef or pork? Yes.

Ketchup or mustard? Bacon.

Everyone knows that bacon is the ultimate condiment—everyone from Wendy, creator of the Baconator, to Daniel Humm, creator of the world's greatest hot dog: the Humm Dog. The acclaimed chef of Eleven Madison Park and NoMad gave the humble hot dog the Michelin-star treatment, wrapping it in bacon, stuffing it into a potato hot-dog roll slathered with truffle mayo, and topping it with melted gruyere cheese and homemade celery relish.

RECIPE: Humm Dog

Yes, you can get the Humm Dog at the NoMad Bar in New York or the brand new NoMad Truck in Los Angeles, but you should really be making it at home. It might take you a bit longer to cook up than your normal sausage on a bun, but you'll be rewarded with the admiration of your peers, the respect of your former superiors, and the love of your enemies—or at least the gratitude of your taste buds.

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No matter what ridiculous hot-dog debate you get roped into in the future, the Humm Dog is the answer.