Prince Fielder's Farewell Press Conference Will Break Your Heart

This Prince Fielder press conference is tough to watch.
August 10, 2016, 10:07pm

Sitting at a desk with his neck in a brace next to his two young sons, Prince Fielder gave one of the saddest press conferences you will ever see. Earlier this week, it was announced that doctors could not medically clear Fielder to play, a de facto end to his career. He is not retiring officially, he is technically medically disabled, so he will still be paid the remainder of the almost $100 million owed to him. Still, he won't be playing, and that has completely busted him up because he doesn't want his career to end. Fielder is the son of former major leaguer Cecil Fielder, who would often take his young son to the ballpark where the pudgy little Prince would interact with major leaguers. So this forced retirement means this will be the first time Prince Fielder won't be regularly going to a major league baseball stadium since he was a child.

Fielder hasn't played since July 19th, and some time thereafter, he had surgery for the second time in as many years to repair herniated disks in his neck and he simply can't play anymore. As soon as he finished his emotional speech he took questions and the first reporter went right for the heart: he asked about how he broke the news to his kids, who were also extremely emotional up there. Prince obviously lost it all over again.

He lost it again talking about his teammates at the end of the presser, calling them family and saying "I got four at the house, and 25 here." Then, for some reason, someone asked him if he understood what Lou Gehrig was going through when he gave his "Luckiest Man" speech and Fielder simply responded: "What?"

He then literally dropped a mic, and walked off with his kids.