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Darko Milicic Pounds Beer, Shares Another with the Faces Tattooed on his Belly

Darko Milicic is the only man with no shirt at a party, pounds a beer with no hands, and tries to get the tattoos on his belly to drink some beer too.

This is an amazing video. Darko Milicic, the former first-round pick of the Detroit Pistons (and No. 2 overall) oh so many years ago, is spending his time kickboxing now, and also hanging around a reception hall shirtless, pounding beers, and singing. Not only that, but he's pounding beers shirtless with no hands. That is correct, the man responsible for basketblogging as we know it is out there shoving beer bottles in his maw, turning his eyes to the skies and just letting gravity do its thing.

He's even got a guy on hand to remove the bottle from his mouth when he's done. But then Darko thinks to himself, I believe my friends on my belly here would also like to partake in drinking beers. So he pours beer on the mouths of the faces tattooed on his body.

This is living. This is figuring the world out. Play basketball, don't play basketball; it doesn't matter if you can hang around with no shirt, stumble around, say some shit that is probably unintelligible, have people wait on you, spit up all over yourself without really caring, and entertain imaginary friends. The only thing that truly matters is if you can live the life of a toddler as a seven foot, 29-year-old man.

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