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Pacman Jones: Antonio Brown Was Faking His Injury

Pacman Jones thinks Antonio Brown faked a concussion.

Adam "Pacman" Jones appeared on the Dan Patrick Show this morning to talk about the wild end to the Bengals-Steelers game, which saw Pittsburgh move on thanks to Cincinnati self-immolating. Jones, who went on a profane tirade after the game, is convinced that Antonio Brown was faking an injury after Vontaze Burfict hit him high and late. Patrick asked, "So he got up and winked to say, 'Hey I'm alright,' or 'I got you guys'?" Jones responded, "Well, I know if you just got knocked out you ain't gonna be able to wink."


Here is the hit:

And here is another angle:

I'm no doctor, but the way Brown slumps, with his arms down, no longer protecting himself, it sure looks like the lights are out. That, plus the fencing response—his arm shooting up straight—in the first GIF, are pretty good indicators that Brown was knocked out for some period of time. Also, why would the Steelers' best offensive player fake an injury that requires a series of medical checks before he can return in the final seconds of a game they still trailed?

Nevertheless, Jones thinks Brown was faking it to get a penalty. Burfict was penalized on the play, pushing the Steelers into field goal range, but it would have been about a 49-yarder—hardly a gimme. So even if Brown was faking, it didn't do much, but that's when Jones made things even worse. He was flagged an additional 15 yards for his confrontation with Joey Potter on the field, which made it a chip shot (non-Minnesota Division) field goal.