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Here's How Hard Mets Golden God Noah Syndergaard Throws

Noah Syndergaard throws so fast he literally leaves an impression on his catcher.
April 19, 2016, 5:10pm

Mets catcher Kevin Plawecki has the somewhat unenviable task of catching New York Mets flamethrower Noah Syndergaard and along with the usual bumps and bruises Major League catchers collect over the course of the season, Plawecki has a new one: a Syndergaard branding. Plawecki blocked a ball in the dirt from Syndergaard during his dominant performance over the Phillies last night, and it hit him so hard it left an impression of his necklace on his chest; chain, cross, the whole bit.


How hard does Syndergaard throw? Plawecki blocked a pitch w/ his chest. Theres now an imprint where his necklace was
— Steve Gelbs (@SteveGelbs) April 19, 2016

The ball hit the dirt and Plawecki's chest protector and still managed to make a pretty good impression on his shorn chest. Syndergaard struck out eight over seven innings and allowed just one run. He threw 94 pitches over those seven innings and his last pitch was a 98 mph sinker for a groundout.

h/t SI