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The Editors' New Groove Vol. XV

These tracks are new and you need to know about their existence.
February 14, 2014, 11:25pm

The Editors' New Groove is a weekly pow-wow on the freshest new releases from THUMP's editors and regular contributors' radars.

Bored Lord - "117.asl"
Scuba-like melancholy that builds to an anxious frenzy without losing the elegant undertones of a dubby song done right. Proof that not everything you dig up from artistically-leaning music collectives has to sound like the cold insides of an auto plant. (Michelle Lhooq)


Pender Street Steppers - "Openin' Up"
Imagine you are a tiny baby floating on a cloud, tickling Jigglypuffs and cuddling with a herd of Totoros. That's how fucking cute this track is. (Elissa Stolman)

El Mahdy Jr & Gulls - "Disco Maghreb"

Algerian-born El Mahdy Jr. has effectively translated the feeling of being incredibly stoned into the electronic music format. He currently lives in Turkey, though, where the weed makes you itchy and gives you a headache but doesn't quite get you high, so who knows where he's getting the good stuff. (Max Pearl)

Awanto 3 - "The Wall"

More like Awanto listen to the rest of this album… a lot. (Joel Fowler)

Todd Terje - "Delorean Dynamite"

It seems like everytime there's a snowstorm in NYC, the following days result in giant ice islands surrounded by freezing oceans of disgusting city muck on the corners of every block. This morning, I found myself cowering on a rather large island with speeding traffic coming at me from both directions, while this new track off Todd Terje's album blared in my headphones. Felt like I was part of the epic climax of some 80s sci-fi movie. (David Garber)

Earthen Sea - "Mirage"

Perfect for sitting on the bus or train with your forehead against the window, watching snow fall from a grey sky. (Elissa Stolman)

Plastician - "The Search" (Kahn & Neek Remix)

FACKKKKK. OFFFFFFF. These grime newcomers can literally do no wrong. (Max Pearl)


R-Zone 09 - "Down You Go," "Give Me More," "Too Much TV," "VHC Beats"

The mysterious R Zone strikes again! This one is a lil less ravey than previous efforts, but still heavier than a pregnant mastiff. (Joel Fowler)

PillowTalk - "Lullaby" (South Of Chihuahua Dub Mix)

Last night, I lit up a spliff and threw on the movie Gravity. For most of the film, my brain was overridden with paranoid thoughts about how much it would suck to be lost and floating around space. Especially if you were stoned. The only thing that would make that slightly enjoyable is if this euphoric remix of Pillowtalk's tantalizing anthem was playing in your space suit. (David Garber)

ODESZA - "Sun Models" (feat. Madelyn Grant)

The musical equivalent of a rosy Instagram filter. Unsurprisingly, this slice of sunshine comes from California, which may in fact be overdosing on too much of it right now—to the point where Obama's coming in to kick ass and take names. Or just… take part in a roundtable about it. (Michelle Lhooq)