Arca Is Sounding Beautiful as Fuck

This third song released from his upcoming album suggests it's going to be his most personal release yet.
Ryan Bassil
London, GB
March 17, 2017, 12:07pm

There are a few well-known and indisputable facts in the world. To keep things brief, here are three:

1) Water is a replenishing, cool gift from the earth to our parched mouths and dry stomachs;

2) Sex is good, as animalistic as it is passionate and romantic;

3) The new music from Arca has been beautiful as fuck.

Of course it's not always a good idea to swear. Describing pieces of music with words like "fuck" and "shit" can come across as infantile and basic. But simply put the new work from Alejandro Ghersi has been so devastatingly sublime it's as beautiful as fucking on top of a secluded waterfall while the sound of a Roman Basilica church leaks its way in from the background.


We've already heard "Anoche" and "Piel," the first two songs to be taken from Arca's upcoming record. Now the video for "Reverie" has been released, which features Ghersi walking around on a pair of—well, actually, fuck it, you can see when you watch the Jesse Kanda-directed video below. All we'll say is: it gives some sort of reference to that animalistic but also spiritual feeling about intercourse that's mentioned in those three very important facts listed toward the top of this piece.

As an artist who has previously shielded his face on cover art and worked under alter egos (2014's Xen was a reference to Ghersi's feminine spirit), there's a sense that Arca's next album will be deeply and—in some turns, perhaps—tragically beautiful. For a start, the cover art features his face. Then there are the music videos, where he has played the protagonist in each one. To put a massive fucking cherry on top of the cake too, the album is self-titled. Goddamn.

Anyway—here's the video.

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