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3D-Scanned Bodies Become Glowing Canvases in a Cyberdelic Light Show

By 3D scanning the band Woman, Cologne-based creatives Dmitry Zakharov and Jake Harrison Meyer explore the various types of modern reality.

Where exactly do time, physical reality, and the digital world connect? It's hard to say, but the Cologne-based duo of Dmitry Zakharov and Jake Harrison Meyer explore the question's possibilities in a dazzling new music video for the band Woman's track "Marvelous City." Combining 3D scans of the electronic three-piece with VHS footage shot in Cologne, Zakharov and Meyer take viewers on a virtual camera flight around statuesque versions of the band members, whose black forms become the reflective canvases upon which animated psychedelic lights flash, bend and descend in various patterns.


"'Marvelous City' deals with the representation of various reality forms which are influenced by our contemporary society," says the duo. "Do we seriously question and work towards our dreamlike concepts and expectations, or are we at risk [of getting] lost within them, without ever fulfilling our needs?"

"Our work tries to express the important moment in which we dare to transform from our state, and start to embody our own concept of reality beyond the temporary position and perception," they add.

Zahkarov and Harrison Meyer were kind enough to send a selection of eye-popping stills from the video. Check them out, and watch the full video, below:

Woman's "Marvelous City" appears on their upcoming album  Happy Freedom, due out May 12th on Asmara Records. Click here to see more of Dmitry Zakharov's work, and here to check out the work of Jake Harrison Meyer.


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