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Chambray's Ultramajic Mix is 62 Minutes of Techno Wonkiness

And we're on that exclusive tip

It's Monday morning, so we figure you're looking for the kind of tunes that remind you of a shroudy Berlin basement club at some god-forsaken hour while you're waist deep in some alternate headspace. We're on the same page here, right? How else are you gonna get through those TPS reports?

Jimmy Edgar's Ultramajic imprint has had a pretty good first year, culminating in Edgar's first Essential Mix last month, during which he played Chambray's "Rub" and the techno world rejoiced. Well, get your rejoicing shoes on again, because we've got the exclusive on Chambray's debut Ultramajic mix.

The mix is 62 minutes of dark and wonky grooves guaranteed to make you feel weird and get your toes tappin'.

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