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Photo Diary: 12th Planet

"Toronto, thank you for letting me play whatever the fuck I want!"
June 13, 2014, 9:30pm

I met 12th Planet about four years ago when we did our first shoot. We've been working together since then and it's been a hell of a ride. Every second with this guy is pure gold, so I was stoked to get to follow him around for this month's photo diary. We started off at The Compound in LA and then a week after, we met up in Toronto for a two-day adventure. Here's some of what happened.

We're on a rooftop in downtown LA. We've been doing press shots for a bit and now he's getting hungry "Maria, let's go for Tacooooos!"

I tell him to go down the fire escape and he's having a great time until he decides to look down.

He needs to relax after that, so we take a little break…

And then this happens.

And then this, shoot's over!

One week later in Toronto, I meet him at the airport. He missed his flight so he gets in just in time to make his set at The Guvernment. "No more airports! Quiero Tequila!"

Greenroom at The Guv. "I'm gonna go out there and fucking wonk the shit out of it! Wonk, wonk, wonk, mutha fuckin' dubstep!!!!!"

He does this dance and starts dropping pretty advanced Spanish, "Cuidado! Piso Mojado! Peligroso!" "Caution, wet floor!"

Sorting out tunes… or not. It's Sunday night so, "new Games of Thrones!"

Photographer Visualbass shows him the DJ Davincii SNL skit and that fake Jay Z and Beyonce movie trailer.

Showtime! "Toronto, thank you for letting me play whatever the fuck I want!"

And then he does this other dance. "OG Michael Jackson, OG Michael Jackson!"

Selfies with 12th Planet cabron!

Hanging with some homies at the club: Caspa, Chase and Status and Loudpvck.

I leave for a second to check out the rave…

I come back to find him feeding shots to these girls and saying the words, "I GOT COUSINS!!!"

Ketchup chips, "this is the shit right here!" #CanadianRider

The Trump Hotel lobby: 4 AM encounters with Steve Aoki and Loudpvck!

Rinsing wet tees on the carpet. #TrumpHotel

Next day. We're off to a party on an island in a water taxi. "Water better be good. Not down with the chop!"

Bacon Nation truck. "The bun is made out of bits of bacon!!!!"

We end up in one of the only places open on Monday night on Victoria Day… "Did you get me when I burped? That was incredible."

Then he makes me eat this super hot wing.

He then makes this girl to do it too. Pulls it off! At this point I decide to put my camera away, but before I go, let's recap!

This is why I furiously love the guy!

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Photography by: THESUPERMANIAK