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Listen to Paume's Debut EP, 'Transalpine'

The Parisian producer's four-track effort is a rumbling ode to electronica proper.

As a cultural hub, Paris is a curious beast. Dripping in history, the French capital has captured the collective imagination with a singular idea: that simplicity itself is inherently beautiful. From pared down fashions of the street to the needle-worn fingers of the genius ateliers, the fluid prose and existential longings of its literary heroes, to the directness of its people and the Haussmann-ised regality of its design, Paris and its inhabitants often evoke a hyper-romanticised, microcosmic world of simple beauty that, still, seems the envy of so many.


Yet, how does this translate in the sound of the city? Paris has become known for its flailing club scene in recent years - the obsession with the inner city, and notoriously difficult working relationships within artist and promoter circles coming often noted as contributing factors - so the spotlight on Parisian producers has since become a rather dull haze for those on the outside. Paume is one such artist. Coming from the outskirts of Paris, the 24 year old producer recently moved into the shadow of the Eiffel Tower and started working on the kind of esoteric electronica that, in his own words, is his way of "finding out [Parisians] our own way to party". In a city of expensive wine bars and lacklustre dancefloors, Paume aims to bring "something more ethereal, more groovy, more jazzy" to the sound of his home.

As a fulfilment of his own mission statement, his debut EP for Melodic Records, Transalpine, is a simple, rather beautiful affair: 4 tracks of tactile electronica that would make fellow romantic John Talabot's ears prick up in excitement.

We're pleased to bring you the full stream below, ahead of its release on June 30th. Enjoy.

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