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Take a Look (And Listen) Back to All 12 Days of Mixmas

From Benassi to UZ—here's what we found under our tree this year.

Even if you fancy yourself a bit of an Ebenezer Scrooge, you'd be hard to have missed our twelve-part Mixmas series, in which some of the industry's best and brightest were kind and genial enough to grace us with their esteemed selector status, each supplying their own mix to fall in line with yes, "The Twelve Days of Christmas" melody first penned by a man by the name of Frederic Austin. From Benassi to UZ—here's what we found under our tree this year:

Day 1: Anamanaguchi - "A Cartridge In a Pear Tree"

"For day 1 of 12 Days of Mixmas, we asked the game-loving producers to put together a mix that celebrates the first day of the holiday by swapping out that partridge for a cartridge. This pear tree's got more swag than a Sega Genesis."

Day 2: Nicky Romero - "Two Turtle Dutch"

"For day 2 of 12 Days of Mixmas, we just let the Dutch master do what he does best: Bring the energy. So when you're tired of your uncle's tipsy ramblings or just need an escape, put this on, crank it up, and let Nicky be your guide."

Day 3: Apollonia - "Three French Men"

"This mix has that special quality of making you feel like you're smack dab in the middle of an Apollonia set, watching Dan Ghenacia, Dyed Soundorom, and Shonky go back to back to back ad nauseum as they swirl you into a haze of techy, housey, blissed-out oblivion. The trio pulled no punches with this one – it's as weird as ever and just bursting with pep."

Day 4: J.Phlip - "Calling Dirtybirds"

"Rumor has it that J.Phlip locked herself in a room for 24 hours to populate this mix with nothing but vinyl rips. That level of attention to detail is readily evident as the house mix weaves through booty bass thematics laden with hip-hop samples and typically Dirtybirdy freakouts. Yeah, you might not have gotten that pony you always wanted this Christmas, but J.Phlip's contribution to 12 Days of Mixmas will have you tipsy and dutty wining with Grandma before you can say "keep the receipt."

Day 5: UZ - "Five Golden Blings"

"This mix in particular finds UZ in familiar form for the opening salvo, dropping horns and weird shit while occasionally veering into brief house segues. For a 30 minute composition, there's a whole lot of character. By the time we round the corner into the last five minutes, though shit turns up and it all gets a bit rowdy."

Day 6: Felix Cartal - "Six Geese-A-Playing"

"In Cartal's words: "I wanted to make something to put on at home for the holidays, with the fireplace on. So I mixed some ambient and electronica with some of my fav Xmas tracks. The holiday season didn't seem like the right time for drops."

Day 7: Ultrademon - "Seven Seapunks Swimming"

"This mix is a glitched-out treatise in danceable R&B stylings and calls on a deluge of underground names amidst a host of Ultrademon originals. It dips into footwork-adjacent beats, some techno tonality, and a bunch of shit we wouldn't even dare to begin categorizing."

Day 8: Alison Wonderland - "Late Rabbits Running"
"Aussie beatmaker Alison Wonderland has had a breakout 2014. She's come a long way from playing cello in the Sydney Youth Orchestra, now preferring to tear up dancefloors across the world with her brand of rangy, playful, and unpredictable Aussie bass that's won over the likes of collaborators Lido and Djemba Djemba alongside thousands of fans."

Day 9: Gareth Emery - "Nine Ladies Trancing"

"For the ninth day of Mixmas, our series of holiday mix splendor, Gareth sticks to what he knows and does best—a seamless curation of arena-ready big-beat adrenaline. From Axwell & Ingrosso detonators to Emery's own feelserrific original "U," this mix will not just get you prancing, but wiggling your bones in ways you didn't even know were physically and emotionally possible."

Day 10: Lindsay Lowend - "Ten Lowends Leaping"
"Whatever you do tonight, and whoever you're doing it with, remember Lowend's charitable gift to us all—perhaps when you see some drunken gal pulling her extensions out of your champagne glass or some dude mistaking your empty red cup for a latrine, it might just help make it all better."

Day 11: Benny Benassi - "Eleven Bennys Pumping"
"For the eleventh day of Mixmas, Mr. Benassi shows why he's one of the biggest and his hour-long mix will have you out of your impending post holiday slump by the end of the first drop. It's filled with enough heat to warm up even the coldest of winter bones. There's even a wake-up call in the form of a Nom de Strip vs Martin Garrix track. yes, really. Now go cut off those sleeves and get ready for action."

Day 12: Stacey Pullen - "Twelve Drumcodes Drumming"
"If you want to talk about the machine-maestros of the city of Detroit, the visionary producers reponsible for cultivating a genre that continues expand and exceed our wildest imaginations—you better know Stacey Pullen's name."

….and a merry Mixmas to all, and to all a good night.