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Ease Your Monday Mind with La+ch's "Lolita"

A down-tempo anthem to cure your weekend struggles.
November 3, 2014, 11:22pm

Since crawling through over three million Spotify streams and a number one spot on Hype Machine with "You Are My Summer," La+ch is back with a down-tempo anthem called "Lolita."

The multi-faceted producer, vocalist and instrumentalist is about to perk up ears on the Internet with a vocal laden track reminiscent of the indie songs that once polluted your middle school days. The track will teeter-totter you between a sudden urge for a "causal drive" and envisioning your window-view as the corresponding music video.

Often collaborating with a prolific production team that includes Coleman Hell and Shan Vincent de Paul, the solo piece from La+ch verifies the quality of work possible when all hands are on deck, or off it.

La+ch and DJ Dustbuster have plans to release an EP on November 10. Their track "Nights" was also released recently and has become La+ch's second consecutive Top 5 track on HypeM.

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