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United Visual Artists Take Op-Art For A Spin

The lighting-focused art and design collective reinvent a VANDEYK bike wheel.

United Visual Artists: Reinventing the Wheel on

United Visual Artists, mostly known for creating monolithic light and sound sculptures like Origin, recently teamed up with high design bike company VANDEYK on a short film-based work inspired by op-art, rendering an LED-enabled contemporary take on Duchamp’s Bicycle Wheel.

According to Nowness, they set up shop in UVA’s London studio and used a Canon 5D MKII to capture stills. Sound designer Nick Ryan also incorporated audio effects from the lux bike company’s upcoming release. Who knew tire tread and spokes could work so well as a minimalistic soundtrack?


The film starts of with a few looping LED points spiraling towards the center like pennies dropping down a coin funnel. Then the flashing optical illusions set in and you completely lose sense that you’re staring at a bike frame.

We get the feeling that a lot of LED strips were harmed in the making of this video, but still, this is one vortex you won’t mind being stuck in.

For more bike-inspired work, check out Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh’s bike chain typography project.

Photos courtesy of United Visual Artists

[via Nowness]