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Mark Ronson, Neon Indian, Sam Spiegel, and Alex Greenwald Make a Pop Hit

The Creators Project builds a song on the fly, invites you to remix!
July 9, 2010, 2:18pm


The goal: To create a collaborative pop song in an hour; The team: Mark Ronson, Sam Spiegel of N.A.S.A., Alan Palomo of Neon Indian, and Alex Greenwald; The hook: sung by audience member Tiffany Ortiz; The rapper: Donnis; The theme: Party before the apocalypse…

Calling the above pop music experiment from our NYC event a “panel” may be the understatement of the millenium. It was a meeting of some of the most prolific producers in the business and an exercise in high-level improvisation. The result is the original mp3 below, still unedited, and available for your listening pleasure.

But we’re not finished yet. We’re also going to offer you a chance to collaborate on this project and invite you to take a turn remixing the raw material yourselves. Download the stems (that’s the individual parts of the track to those of you who aren’t industry insiders) here, then make your remix and upload it using this nifty button:Send me your trackWe’ll have some very special surprise judges pick their favorite remix, and the winner will get to share their version on The Creators Project site. To get you going, here are a few words of inspiration from the team: