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QR Clock Might Just Be The Most Pointless Clock Ever

Reading the time has never been so difficult.

Sometimes telling the time can be just too easy, especially now with digital clocks on all our devices. Where’s the challenge? Much better to try and read a clock that’s a puzzle, like a clock that turns the time into a QR code.

QR Clock from Michael Ciuffo (aka ch00ftech) turns the usually readable face of a clock into a completely unreadable QR code LED matrix, meaning you need a computer which already has the time on it to read the time. So far so pointless, but that absurdity is sort of the point. Ciuffo notes how QR codes are something that marketing departments think are a great idea, but no one else does because they make reading something much more of a chore than it needs to be.

Highlighting this redundancy was the project’s main goal. “This clock points out the ultimate irony of QR codes,” Ciuffo writes, “which is that they are a technological convenience that really isn’t convenient. In order to read this clock, the user will require some sort of QR scanning device which is guaranteed to have a time-telling function built into it already.”

If life isn’t hard enough already and you want to make the simplest of things much more complex, you can find out how to build one on Ciuffo’s site.


[via Prosthetic Knowledge]