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Yuri Suzuki's Spherical Record Showcases The Sound Of Earth

The sound artist compiles field recordings from around the world onto the surface of a globe.

No matter how compact, portable, and convenient music formats get, somehow there is still a market for vinyl. If folks are that attached to impractically large plastic discs and are willing to continue buying them for the sake of purism, then why not take things in the other direction? Sound artist Yuri Suzuki designed The Sound of Earth, a custom globe which essentially acts as a spherical record, with the track spiraling all the way around it from top to bottom.

The music itself is choppy and abstract, and yet it has an almost rhythmic feel as the needle glides over various land masses. Described by Guardian as “a surreal mashup of field recordings taken by Suzuki on his travels, along with fragments of national anthems and folk music.”

As you can hear in the video above, it sounds like something between a skipping record and scrolling through FM radio stations. We’re curious as to what it sounds like when the stylus reaches Brooklyn.

[via: Fact]