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Mountain: An Animated Portrait Of Seoul

UK director Dave Prosser illustrates his impression of another city that never sleeps.
July 26, 2012, 5:09pm

Living in Seoul, I’ve often wondered what sort of impression this city leaves on people. Dave Prosser, an alumnus in animation from Royal College of Art and a director/designer at Studio AKA, gives a succinct suggestion as to what one might imagine from seeing a day in Seoul from various perspectives. His short animation film Mountain, funded by the Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival, takes you through a poignant three and half minute interpretation of Seoul's professional, social, and culinary landscape.

Opening at dawn with Namsan Tower and Gyeongbok Palace, the short follows three peculiar lives: the busy business man, the computer game addict boyfriend, and the food cart woman earning an honest wage. Morning rush hour to the office, then the bathhouse before dinner and drinks; the cyber cafe, or “PC bang” in Korean, that stays dark all day long, stacked with snacks for sustenance; prepping, frying, and serving food on the street whilst watching the days go by—three lives with very distinct experiential perspectives.

Prosser playfully illustrates iconic cultural elements of Seoul and at the same time provides an understated insight into its social paradigm. The animation is pretty cute and fun too.

[via WOWSAN]