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You Can Conquer the Web, One Favicon at a Time

Favimon is a web-based game that pits you against your favorite websites.
December 17, 2010, 5:35pm

The internet is a sprawling mass of information, stripping us of our attention spans and generally being pretty awesome, if quite strange. The real beauty of the internet though is that can’t be easily controlled and hopefully it’ll continue to stay that way. But, you know, the ego maniac within us all would love to start ingesting some nootropic drugs, stick a cable into our skull and leap inside this virtual wonder zone like Jobe in the Lawnmower Man and start wielding our power.

Sadly, that isn’t possible yet, so the best you can hope for is to play this web-based RPG game called Favimon by Matthew Hollett, which pits you against your favorite websites, taking on their might one domain name at a time, building a favicon (favorites icon) collection as spoils of war in your deluded, maniacal attempt to conquer the web. Battling social networks, news sites, aggregators, blogs, video sites, whatever until you are crowned king/queen of the digital realm.