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A Futuristic Alien Pod House Lands In Beijing

Architect Wang Yaohua explores the remaining space upon Beijing’s industrial district.
February 1, 2012, 9:55pm

The Beijing House II from young architect Wang Yaohua looks like a giant UFO or a magnified high tech shaving machine, attached to the side an industrial building. Though it may look like sci-fi fantasy (or horror), this complex blueprint is the sketch of a future residential house that is supposed to be completed by 2015.

While China develops at an unprecedented, break-neck speed, its cities are quickly turning into hubs for ultra modern architecture and design. Wang considers the next turning point for China to be a shift from its industry of mass production to the high-tech industry.

Beijing House II is attached with a cantilever on the outside wall of an old industry building. With an innovative anti-shock mechanical system, the structure is earthquake resistant but also allows for a certain degree of mobility/transformation, The housing project consists of a fully-equipped facility that includes bedrooms, a studio and a green room, The core concept of Beijing House II is to experiment and challenge the usage of the remaining spaces in industrial areas.

Image Courtesy of Wang Yaohua