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The Top 5 Techy Accessories You Should Rock This Season

Our favorite tech-enhanced accessories found on and off the runway.
October 11, 2012, 9:50pm

Even though they last only minutes, fashion shows are notorious visual spectacles, and more and more designers are incorporating techniques like projection mapping and audiovisual synchronization into their runway presentations—just this season (S/S 2013) we were awed by Dev Harlan’s projections for Y-3 in New York and Kenzo Digital’s environment for Kenzo in Paris.

But moving beyond that, tech took more of a starring role on the runway this season, like Google Glass at Diane von Furstenberg and Moritz Waldemeyer’s LED hats for Philip Treacy.


So, in the spirit of high fashion continuing to embrace a more high-tech aesthetic, here are our five picks for recently-uncovered techy accessories that you wouldn’t mind being caught dead in.

Anya Hindmarch: Marano Dancer LED-lit Glitter Finished Clutch

Anya Hindmarch—the British handbag designer made famous by her “I’m Not A Plastic Bag” tote and known for her iconic bow signature—designed an LED glitter clutch for her F/W 2012 collection. Actually… have a look at that presentation above. It almost outshines the clutch itself, with its whole “It’s A Small World” music box vibe. The clutch features itty-bitty LEDs set amongst flecks of glitter and it seems to turn on and off depending on how flashy (ha!) you want to be.

Dominic Wilcox: No Place Like Home GPS Shoe

Inspired by the Wizard of Oz, British designer Dominic Wilcox has crafted a pair of shoes for the Global Footprint project that will get you home no matter how drunk or lost you are. First you use custom software to plot your location, and then transfer that information to the shoes via USB cord. When you click the heels together, the GPS system embedded in the one of the shoe’s heels communicates wirelessly with the other shoe. One shoe points you in the right direction, while the other tracks your progress. See more pictures and watch a video over at dezeen.

Haus of Gaga: Fiber Optic Wig

Leave it to Gaga to embody a Disney Princess at a rave. She enlisted Haus of Gaga wigmaker Frederic Aspiras to weave the handmade wig (above) from real human hair and “the finest fiber optics in existence.” It can even plug into a lighting board to allow her lighting designer to control it during a show. Though it seems “complicated,” I bet this is going to be the most copied DIY look this Halloween.

House of Holland: Glow-in-the-Dark Underwear

Not sure why this idea took so long to catch on with a major brand, but House of Holland’s glow-in-the-dark undies are the perfect excuse to “switch it up” or surprise anyone you want to let take your pants off. Hell, why even bother covering these suckers up? They beg to be in the spotlight—wear at your own risk.

Rebecca Minkoff and STELLÉ Audio Couture: Boombox Clutch

As a major step up from that dude strolling down the sidewalk with a boombox on his shoulder, New York-based designer Rebecca Minkoff has designed a clutch in collaboration with STELLÉ Audio Couture that looks completely normal from the outside, but opens to revel a speaker that wirelessly streams music (via Bluetooth) from up to 50 feet away. Our only question is… where do your lipstick and phone go?