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Clever Illustrations Place Little People All Around Your Home

Wies van der Velde's drawings look at the world with fresh, imaginative eyes.
Instagram via @sowiesowies

When is a teacup not a teacup? When it's a hot tub for the tiny imaginary people that live in Dutch artist Wies van der Velde's walls. The illustrator, printmaker, and ceramic artist has spent the last year living The Borrowersthrough her drawings of miniature humans creatively repurposing her stuff. "It's a way for me to widen my horizon and to force myself to look differently at the world around me," van der Velde tells Creators.


The series is rooted in a 30-day challenge van der Velde conducted last year, which has been reborn as a weekly post called Teeny Tiny Thursdays. Her goal is to make art that is like her primary inspiration: dogs. "They are such loyal friends who have no clue they are man's best friend. These qualities are the same I search for in my illustrations (don't tell my cat)," she says. "I want to bring people a little smile on their face with my work and for one moment perhaps brighten their day." The Den Bosch-based artist used to focus her work on, "difficult stories about evil men and loss," but a revelation made her decide to make uplifting art instead. Her creative uses of pots, nail polish, thermostats, laptops, radiators, everything—including the kitchen sink!—do just that.

Wies van der Velde also makes custom pottery and beautifully textured woodblock prints. Check out more of her work on Instagram and buy it on Etsy.


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