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Doomsday Metal

10 years ago the band Vinterkrig, consisting of five 15-18-year-olds from Stockholm and one girl from Berlin, recorded five tracks in a legendary studio, played one last live show and then broke up forever. The songs were never released, and the...

10 years ago the band Vinterkrig, consisting of five 15-18-year-olds from Stockholm and one girl from Berlin, recorded five tracks in a legendary studio, played one last live show and then broke up forever. The songs were never released, and the members went on to, variously, join Opeth, start their own record label and move to Los Angeles. A decade later two of the members got back in touch and it is finally time for a forgotten band to see the black light. We asked the two members, Orm and Johanna, to have an AIM chat about the olden times and about what brought Vinterkrig back from the dead. Here are parts of what they said. DeathFromBerlin: As of late I've been listening massively to black metal again. After all these years I rediscovered treasures like an old Arcturus promo of Aspera Hiems Symfonia. And Constellation, what a gem! It brings all these old feelings back. I wish I could relive that time again. Orm: This is bizarre but I’ve actually been doing the exact same thing for a couple of months now. I’m on a nostalgia high. DFB: Today I’ve been listening to Ulver’s Bergtatt over and over again. The pureness and energetic melancholy blows me way. Each time, still. Or again! Orm: I bought Bergtatt in Sandefjord, Norway, and Ulver has been with me ever since. Kveldssanger is great too but I think it was when I heard Nattens Madrigal that I knew that this music would be part of me forever. DFB: Garm’s voice made me fall deeply in love with Arcturus and Borknagar. I just downloaded The Olden Domain—I think it’s their best album—along with tons of other old albums that I used to own on tape or vinyl. All that stuff should still be sitting in a box somewhere in my mum’s attic. Next time I visit them in Berlin I’m going take it all with me. There must be hundreds of tapes. I also got Dissection’s Storm of the Light’s Bane again. So good! And In Flames’s The Jester Race and just think of The Somberlain!!! Orm: The first time I heard [Emperor’s] In the Nightside Eclipse was at Jonas’s house. That was magic. Pure fucking magic. I remember getting A Blaze in the Northern Sky from some friends for my fourteenth birthday, hell, they can’t have known what they gave me. Sitting in the woods late at night drinking beer and just listening to all those albums that are classics now, printing posters with satanic messages and posting them on the church wall every week. Those were the days. DFB: We were such babies! I loved Isengard and Storm too, with the beautiful Kari Rueslåtten and her long, red hair. Is she still around? And In the Woods’s Heart of the Ages, what a beautiful, wistful album—so many memories. Like when I was living in Bergen, Norway, I was 18 and my au pair family threw me out. The neighbours were talking about me being a Satanist because of my appearance and when they found copies of the Necronomicon and the Satanic Bible in my room and found out that I was hanging out with “the church burners,” that was it! They drove me over to one of the guys from Hades and I stayed at his house for a bit. My boyfriend was still living in Stavanger, watching porn and studying Satanism instead of moving up to Bergen to be with his band, Enslaved, and his girlfriend. That was the same year we recorded at the Abyss studio with Vinterkrig. I wonder if the studio is closed now. I was so proud to be part of it all. Remember the show with Naglfar and Mångarm that we played right after the Abyss sessions? All the pig’s blood that we got in frozen blocks from the market and had to melt in your mum’s pots and pour into bottles. I still have razorblade scars under my bat tattoo. Was it you that cut me up at the show? Orm: Yeah, it was. I remember the two of us walking away from that last gig with Naglfar. I was so fucking depressed. Everything had fallen apart. Jonas and I almost never spoke again I think. DFB: Didn’t Vinterkrig play a show with Necrophobic before my time? Orm: That show was in ‘96. I remember the guys from Malign beating up the band playing before us because they thought the people in the band were pussies. Fuck, I was scared of those guys. Blackmoon, from Dark Funeral, came up to me after the show when I had washed off all the pigs’ blood. He was very disappointed in me when he found out it wasn’t my own blood on my face. I told him I wasn’t that desperate, and he just walked away, ha ha. DFB: I still have all my original T-shirts from the 90s. I’m glad I never gave them away. I’ve been getting quite a few offers too. Especially here in Los Angeles. Did you know that in L.A. the black metal scene consists mainly of Hispanics? Ironically they all love Burzum. Orm: Well, who doesn’t love Burzum!? You know, the other day my mum confessed to throwing away a Cradle of Filth T-shirt of mine. There was a nude chick on it and the text read “PRAISE THE WHORE.” Thanks mum, Cradle always made cunt music anyway! To listen to Vinterkrig, go to