"Everyone, Everywhere in Tbilisi Is Drunk as Fuck All the Time"


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"Everyone, Everywhere in Tbilisi Is Drunk as Fuck All the Time"

That's what Georgian photographer Giorgi Nebieridze says anyway, and he should know, having spent a lot of time there photographing what he calls his "drug-addict friends."

Giorgi Nebieridze is a Georgian photographer who currently lives in Berlin and enjoys taking unedited pictures of his "drug-addict friends" on color film. This is a collection of shots he took, mostly in Georgia's capital of Tbilisi, before moving to Germany.

"Even though the Soviet Union collapsed ages ago, Georgia still has difficulty becoming a proper independent eastern European state," he said. "Booze and cigarettes are almost free there, but you can never get any party drugs, so young people mix drinks with homemade synthetic drugs. Everyone, everywhere in Tbilisi is drunk as fuck all the time.


"It’s a great place to visit if you are interested in heavy metal bands that you would never hear anywhere else. But it's also a place where hospitals are so creepy they can make you sick, even when you have no health issues," he continued.

"I take pictures everywhere, even in nightclubs—there's no such thing as 'photographs not allowed' here, mainly because everything in Georgia is on the verge of being illegal."

Which I guess doesn't matter if all the cops are drunk.

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