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If Only We Lived in a Postapocalyptic World Run by Women

Here's a fashion story about some girls and their pink weapons.

Charlotte Lewis jacket, Gogo Philip earrings

Makeup: Amy Conley using MAC
Hair: David Noble
Models: Maddie Seisay and Ella Bernie at Elite Models, Emily at M+P, Jasmine Lia at Models 1, Alexandra Dell Anno at FM Models, Emily Bador at NEVS

Vintage Tommy Hilfiger top from Rokit, Angharad Evans bottoms, vintage hat from Rokit, Gogo Philip earrings


Lazy Oaf sweater and backpack, Naomi Valentine dress, Joyrich Hat, Gogo Philip earrings

Lauren Lake coat, vintage bandana

Clio Peppit sweater, American Apparel skirt, Converse shoes; Charlotte Lewis dress; Funky Offish T-shirt, Natalie Dawson skirt, Lazy Oaf backpack,Vans sneakers; Natalie Dawson jacket, Lacoste dress; Pop See Cul sweater, Monki skirt; Shade T-shirt, Natalie Dawson skirt

Clio Peppit sweater; Charlotte Lewis dress; Pop See Cul top

Lauren Lake coat, Beyond Retro dress, Kickers shoes, Gogo Philip earrings

Camilla Grimes coat, Gogo Philip earrings

Lazy Oaf coat, Auria swimsuit, Joyrich skirt, Vans sneakers; vintage Tommy Hilfiger top from Rokit, Angharad Evans tracksuit bottoms, Vans sneakers, vintage hat from Rokit, Gogo Philip earrings; American Apparel top, GAP shirt, Christian Cowan-Sanluis pants; Lauren Lake fur, vintage Adidas jacket from Rokit, Naomi Valentine pants, Le Coq Sportif sneakers, Gogo Philip earrings; Lazy Oaf sweater, Naomi Valentine dress, This Is Uniform shorts, Converse sneakers, Joyrich hat; Le Coq Sportif sweater, Beyond Retro skirt, Vans sneakers, Gogo Philip earrings, Lazy Oaf backpack

Natalie Dawson coat, Beyond Retro top, Lauren Lake pants, Kickers shoes