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Acapulco Gold and Friends

Spring starts next week, and to celebrate the hotly anticipated good weather, I'm premiering my latest skateboarding video, “Acapulco Gold and Friends.”

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Spring starts next week, and to celebrate the hotly anticipated good weather, I'd like to premier my latest skateboarding video, “Acapulco Gold and Friends.” Filmed on the streets of New York, the video features skateboarders like Aaron Warner, Leo Gutman, Billy Rohan, Eby Ghafarian, Kevin Tierney, Charles Lamb, and Andy Millen. In between filming, I spoke to Aaron about skating.


VICE: Where are you originally from and how long have you been living in Brooklyn?
Aaron Warner: I originally hail from the Caribbean Island of Antigua, but I've lived in Brooklyn pretty much my whole life. I was three years old when I arrived in Brooklyn, and it is pretty much the same now to me as it was then.

What's the hot spot right now?
Brower Park is our go to. I was there today though, and some fuckin' longboarder, with a sweat band on and the illest gut you have ,ever seen, was there. He was dressed like he was ready to go jogging. We thought that was pretty funny, but what is not funny is the mob of scooters that came through the other day.

When you're not skating, what the hell do you do with yourself?
I'm usually just kicking back and jamming on my guitar. That's the life right there.

What's the wildest thing you have seen on or off your board?
I saw this dude jump off of a roof, and into a ramp, and knock himself out. It was at Shred Stuy, that skate house in Brooklyn. He was trying it a bunch of times and kept slamming repeatedly. One time, he slipped out too hard, and perfectly hit his head on the transition, and was knocked out cold. His name was Max, and it was his birthday too.

So are you going to go to Jouvert this year?
Hell no! Remember the tar-covered dude with the bucket of tar dancing in the street? That's why I am not going.

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