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Sadie Dupuis Releases “Get a Yes,” a Glitchy, Poppy Ode to Consent

She also announced her new solo album as Sad13, ‘Slugger.’
August 23, 2016, 4:55pm

The sharp, clustered guitars of Speedy Ortiz—last year's Noisey Artist of the Year—aren’t there on Sadie Dupuis’s new single, “Get a Yes,” but the aesthetic is familiar. The chorus is busy with synths and glitchy beats, roughly mirroring her band’s ear for dissonance. It’s a pop song, but then again so are most of Speedy Ortiz’s songs. The difference here is that the 90s pop electrics bubble up and show it for what it is.


“Get a Yes” is a song about consent, unambiguously: “I say yes to the dress when I put it on,” Dupuis sings in the chorus, “I say yes if I want you to take it off.” In a press release, she explained the track as a response to a broad trend in pop music: “I wanted to make songs that were the opposite of ‘Genie in A Bottle’ or ‘The Boy Is Mine.’ Songs that put affirmative consent at the heart of the subject matter and emphasize friendship among women and try to deescalate the toxic jealousy and ownership that are often centered in romantic pop songs.”

And so that’s what she’s done. The track accompanies the announcement of her debut solo record as Sad13, Slugger, out November 11 on Carpark. Between “Get a Yes” and “Basement Queens,” the unlikely, quite brilliant track that she released with Lizzo at the start of the year, it should be a fascinating record.

Check out “Get a Yes” below.

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