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Listen to This Special #Superwarehouse Mix, Ahead of Our EGX Rezzed Afterparty

Producer FA1K's put together a rad gaming party mix to warm you up for Saturday night.
April 7, 2016, 9:35am

On Saturday, April 9th, VICE Gaming is teaming up with Joypad to host the official EGX Rezzed afterparty, #Superwarehouse, at London's Shoreditch Studios. There will be music. There will be games. You might have read about this before. But here we have something to get your senses tingling ahead of us opening the doors to a night of pixelated frolics and frenetic beats: a 25-minute preview mix courtesy of Joypad's in-house producer FA1K.

(What's EGX Rezzed? It starts today. Click here for more information.)


Have a listen, why not. And then scroll beneath the embedded player to check out the full music bill, some newly announced indie games on show at #Superwarehouse, and, y'know, where it's at and that. (Love those Secret of Mana vibes, OMG.)

Playing at #Superwarehouse, the official EGX Rezzed afterparty, are (presented by Laced Records):

And playable on the night, alongside over 1,000 retro games on Mega Drive, Super Nintendo, PlayStation, N64 and many more old-school consoles, are the following indie games:

Dead Pixels II – a side-scrolling, randomly generated shooter set in a zombie nightmare.

Black & White Bushido – an intense stealth-based brawler set in a world of alternating dark and light.

Deadbeat Heroes – a 1970s London-set 3D super criminals game created by ex-Lionhead developers, inspired by Jet Set Radio and Power Stone.

Vectagon – an arcade survival racer influenced by F-Zero and Super Hexagon.

The night also features interactive live visuals from VJ Yourself.

Tickets for #Superwarehouse, the official EGX Rezzed afterparty, are on sale at Eventbrite, priced at £11.49. The event is 18+, and do please bring ID. Doors open at 8pm, kick out time is 1am, and you'll find Shoreditch Studios at 37 Bateman's Row, London EC2A 3HH (map). Please be aware that entry to the venue may be from New Inn Yard.

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