New Photos Celebrating Female Muses


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New Photos Celebrating Female Muses

Come see "GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS" in New York starting tonight.

Ben Rayner

GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS is a photo exhibition celebrating the female muse, curated by photographer Brian Boulos. It is also pretty much chock full o' some of VICE's favorite contributors both new and old.

All of the artists featured have encountered powerful female subjects in their diverse bodies of work: Richard Kern, Magdalena Wosinska, Dan Martensen, Jason Lee Parry, Miyako Bellizzi, Chama, Marcus Cooper, Alessandro Simonetti, Ben Rayner, Kareem Black, Skye Parrott, Nikola Tamindzic, Ricky Powell, Brian Aris, and Brian Boulos.


The subjects range from Debbie Harry in her New York apartment with her Warhol portrait in 1988, to a pregnant Jemima Kirke indulging in ice cream. If you are in and around the area I do suggest checking out the flurry of other badass women featured.

GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS opens tonight at Max Fish in New York's Lower East Side.

Dan Martensen

Skye Parrott

Brian Aris

Richard Kern

Jason Lee Parry

Miyako Bellizzi

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