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Richard Matt, One of New York's Escaped Inmates, Has Been Killed By Police

His 49th birthday was yesterday.

Richard Matt, right, has been killed by police. Photo via New York State PoliceRichard Matt, the reportedly charming murderer with a mondo dick who escaped from Clinton Correctional Facility nearly three weeks ago, has been killed by police, the New York Times reports. He and another convicted killer, David Sweat, made a daring escape from the upstate prison on June 6 that captivated and horrified people all over the country.


After a series of salacious twists in the prisoners's story, police caught a break last weekend when they found DNA evidence that proved they were near a campsite in Franklin County. An official predicted Monday that time was running out for the duo, and another added on Wednesday that a confrontation would likely be explosive. The campsite they were at was actually a hunting cabin, which was full of free-for-the-taking firepower.

It's unclear what has happened with David Sweat, or why the two decided to separate. In many cases, it's advantageous for escapees to stick together, because they can sleep in shifts and encourage each other to keep moving.

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