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Graffiti Artists Managed to Sneak the Phrase 'Homeland Is Racist' onto This Week’s Episode

Also "Homeland is watermelon."

A screenshot of Homeland season 5, episode 2 with the word's 'Homeland is Racist' in graffiti. Photo by Screenshot/Showtime

Exciting news for any Homeland fans looking forward to this Sunday's episode: A blog post, written by three graffiti artists who worked on the show's production has revealed that there will be several Easter eggs to look out for.

Heba Amin, Caram Kapp, and Stone were hired to help make an authentic-looking Syrian refugee camp in Berlin, but instead took the opportunity to scrawl phrases like "Homeland is a joke and it doesn't make us laugh," "Homeland is racist," and "Homeland is watermelon" ( 'watermelon' apparently means 'a sham') across the set in Arabic.

According to the blog post on their website they took the job after instruction from the show's producers for the graffiti "to be apolitical," not to infringe copyright, but writing "Mohamed is the greatest, is okay of course."

The 'intervention' comes in the light of various accusations of racism made against the show, including an implied association between al Qaeda and Hezbollah and gross misrepresentations of cities like Beirut and Islamabad. The latest contention came after a key terrorist character was given the same name as a real-life Pakistani ambassador to the US.