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VICE Exclusive: Watch the Making of Roll7’s ‘Not a Hero’

Check out the genesis of BunnyLord, the anthropomorphic overlord of 'Not a Hero.'

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Ever wondered what the hell goes on at your average, BAFTA-winning indie studio when brains need to blossom fresh ideas to take into new gaming experiences? Wonder no more, as VICE Gaming's got an exclusive insight into the creative processes of London's Roll7 crew, when the time came to put Not a Hero together.

The studio recently beat off competition from FIFA and Madden to win in the best sports game category at the 2015 BAFTA Games Awards—something worth celebrating, I'm sure you'll agree—and Not a Hero is their "now for something completely different" follow-up to the two OlliOlli games. It was also one of the best games I saw at March's EGX Rezzed expo in London. I'm pretty bloody excited about it, which is entirely apt, as it's pretty excitedly bloody, as games go—even when rendered in a throwback, pixels-aplenty style. It's positively soaked in the red stuff, which is OK by me as it's also generally hilarious. I know I laughed, and in public, too. Seal of approval.

This is part one of a documentary examining the work Roll7 put into Not a Hero, a not-at-all-for-kids 2D cover shooter—like if Hotline Miami was actually created by a renegade sect from Sensible Software sometime around 1996—set to come out in May for PC. Don't know about you, but there can't be all that many games where an airing cupboard plays a vital role during the project's foundational stages. Then again, how many games have I made? Zero, exactly. So I should probably just shut up and let you watch the video which (warning!) features scenes of office equipment destruction. Should any of you be sensitive to seeing printers attacked.

Oh, and boners for life, obviously. Obviously?