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Deep in the Bush

Photos by Ben Ritter, Stylist: Annette Lamothe-Ramos
July 1, 2011, 12:00am

Makeup and hair: Jenny Kanavaros using Nars Cosmetics
Models: Jasmine Poulton and Taylor Warren at Fusion Filson vest, Carhartt shirt, WeSC jeans, L.L.Bean boots, Tiffany & Co. earrings, Girl Scout bracelet,
Minolta binoculars; Filson shirt and hat, Levi’s shorts, Frye boots, American Apparel socks. L.L.Bean shirt and boots, Levi’s jeans, Calvin Klein socks;
Carhartt shirt, Patagonia shorts, Teva sandals, Calvin Klein socks. Quiksilver top, WeSC shorts, Anon sunglasses, Girl Scout bracelet, American Eagle bracelet, JanSport backpack, Spiewak canteen. Levi’s top and shorts, American Eagle belt, Girl Scout bracelet; Levi’s tank top and Carhartt shorts. Filson waders. Yamaha guitar; Girl Scout sash, Carhartt skirt, American Eagle necklace and bracelet, Arnette flask; Analog sweater, Lands’ End shirt, REI shorts, Palladium boots, Girl Scout pin, Natural American Spirit cigarette. L.L.Bean long johns, Calvin Klein socks, American Eagle necklace and bracelet; Filson jacket, Lands’ End thermals, L.L.Bean slippers. REI skort, American Apparel tank top, Teva sneakers, Calvin Klein socks; Lands’ End shirt, WeSC shorts, Teva sandals, Calvin Klein socks. Quiksilver shorts, Industry of All Nations shoes, Coal Headwear hat, American Eagle necklace and bracelet. Levi’s shirt, Carhartt shorts, Palladium boots, Calvin Klein socks, Ray-Ban sunglasses, American Eagle belt and necklace, Patagonia gloves; Lands’ End top, Patagonia shorts and gloves, Palladium boots, Shwood sunglasses. Filson vest, Patagonia shirt, American Eagle bracelet; WeSC jacket, Clarks shoes, Girl Scout bracelet, American Eagle bracelet.