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People Who Have Been Arrested Fewer Times than Rebekah Brooks

I guess this makes her pretty badass.

According to multiple news sources, former News International Chief Executive Rebekah Brooks has been arrested. Rebekah (pictured above) and her husband were arrested early this morning in their Oxfordshire home as part of the Operation Weeting investigation into allegations of phone-hacking at the now-defunct News of the World, where Brooks used to be editor.

This brings Rebekah's arrest total to three, having been arrested once already during the phone-hacking investigation, and once in 2005 for (allegedly) slapping Grant Mitchell. Below is a list of people who (to our knowledge) have all been arrested less times than Rebekah Brooks.



Josef Fritzl

Adolf Hitler

Myra Hindley

Winona Ryder

Jack the Ripper

Freddie Krueger

Kim Jong-il

The Columbine High School shooters

Irma Grese

Joseph #Kony

Pol Pot

Jigsaw from Saw

Simon Cowell

Ice Cube

Lil' Kim

Scroobius Pip

Nelson Mandela

Which I guess makes Rebekah Brooks pretty badass.

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