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A Massive Brawl Broke Out at a California Mall on Black Friday

Welcome to the 2016 holiday season, everybody.

A massive, post-Thanksgiving brawl broke out in the middle of a mall in Modesto, California, as crowds gathered for Black Friday, the Modesto Bee reports.

While many Americans were still moaning about food babies and talking about everything they're thankful for, about seven mall-goers wound up throwing punches and kicks outside of a GNC and JC Penney, according to video footage of the scene. Curious shoppers appear to set down their Best Buy deals or whatever to gather and watch fellow Black Friday pilgrims pummel one another like a bad Jingle All the Way reboot.

One of the witnesses, Marco Sebastian, told CNN that the whole thing went down around 12 AM.

Mall security reportedly broke the fight up without the help of the police. An officer for the Modesto PD told the Bee later that no injuries were reported, so the angry shoppers apparently shrugged off their differences in order to keep feasting on some hot Black Friday sales.

At least they didn't ravage the place like those Nike shoppers in Washington did, so that's something. Welcome to the 2016 holiday season, everybody.