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Turnt Cupids

Claire Milbrath is one of our favourite illustrators, and when she told us she wanted to make a Valentine's Day comic for us, we were thrilled. She did not disappoint.
February 13, 2014, 8:39pm

Cupids who get filthy when that liquor gets up in 'em.

Claire Milbrath is the editor-in-chief of Montreal's The Editorial Magazine, and one of our favourite working artists. We've featured a diverse array of her work previously, like her hilarious and disturbing illustrations in Casual Encounters: Sex Comics and her imaginative comic retelling of how Edward Snowden's PRISM leak went down. Yesterday Claire told us she wanted to make a comic about Valentine's Day and asked if we would be interested in running it. Being the unabashed suckers for Claire's lovable and deranged brand of illustrations we are, we greedily accepted. So, without further adieu, we present Turnt Cupids, beginning on the next page.