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Watch This Walmart Thief Mow Down an Employee and Escape on an Electric Scooter

Top speed of this bandit's getaway vehicle? 4 mph!
Thumbnail photo via Flickr userSascha Erni, .rb

An Arizona man was apparently inspired by all the crazy shit that's been going down at Walmart stores this summer and decided to rob a Tucson location. His getaway vehicle? An electric scooter, the Arizona Daily Starreports.

In the recently released security footage, the culprit slides toward the door in a gray electric scooter before a Walmart employee catches on to his game. She tries to block him from the exit, and though the bandit almost maneuvers his way around her, he ultimately decides just to plow her body into a trashcan. Nearby costumers then surround the employee, attempting to unpin her, at which point the motorist speeds out a second set of doors and into the parking lot.

Apparently the top speed of 4 mph was just too quick for bystanders and Walmart employees to nab the mustachioed thief, and he managed to get away. He was last seen headed down the streets of Tucson and the Pima County Sheriff's Department is reportedly still on the lookout.

His grand escape has us all asking: Where's that heroic lasso-touting Walmart cowboy when you need him?

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