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Meet Canada’s Most Incompetent Politician

He tells disgusting jokes in public and fakes endorsements but he's still a Progressive Conservative!

How does this man still have a job? Photo via Facebook.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is questioning why a Progressive Conservative MPP still has his job despite having made gross, sexist jokes in public and, more recently, being caught faking endorsements on his website.

Frankly, we should all be a little concerned that the walking public relations nightmare that is Jack MacLaren is holding public office.

MacLaren's poor taste came into question when, at a March cancer fundraiser held in his Ottawa riding Carleton-Mississippi Mills, he made fun of Liberal MP Karen McCrimmon's sex life in front of the crowd of 350 people. After calling McCrimmon, one of the few women in attendance, up to the mic, MacLaren reportedly quipped, "I'm not getting behind you" and proceeded to joke about her sex life with her husband, leaving guests stunned into silence.


About two weeks later, he sent McCrimmon an apology, though he didn't publicly admit he fucked up.

But then again, judging from audio clips that surfaced Friday, in which MacLaren is heard at last year's fundraiser telling anecdotes of a similar nature to roaring applause, he was really just staying on brand.

The highlight reel, obtained by the Ottawa Citizen, includes granddad jokes like, "My wife and I don't think alike—she donates money to the homeless and I donate money to the topless" and a description of a 50-year-old woman's breasts as "like onions… you see them and they make you cry."

He also told a story about a married couple, in which the husband says, "All I wanted to do is fuck your brains out and suck your tits dry," and then, after seeing his wife naked, adds, "It looks like I did a pretty good job."

As if all that weren't bad enough, this week MacLaren also fessed up to posting bullshit constituent endorsements on his website. The photos featured beside said endorsements were actually stock pictures and the names used weren't real, according to the Citizen. MacLaren claimed he was making shit up to "protect the privacy" of those supposedly giving him positive feedback. (I wouldn't want to be outed as one of his supporters, either.)

Wynne told reporters MacLaren's conduct "fuels misogyny" and that she probably would've booted him from the Liberal caucus. But PC leader Patrick Brown has only demoted MacLaren from being the PC caucus eastern Ontario representative.

If he ever does get fired, though, I'm sure Ottawa Lions clubs would be glad to have him do standup.

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