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Bill Clinton Told Bernie Sanders Supporters They’ll Be 'Toast' on Tuesday

The former US president does not take heckling lightly.

Hillary Clinton is almost guaranteed to scoop up the Democratic nomination with relative ease this week—a fact that her husband, former President Bill Clinton, couldn't help but rub in the face of supporters of her opponent, Bernie Sanders, Sunday.

At a rally for Clinton's campaign in Los Angeles, some attendees apparently started feeling the Bern and began heckling the former commander-in-chief as he passed by in the bed of a pickup truck decked out with Hillary posters and decals.


According to a tweet by Fox News Latino contributor Fin Gomez, Bill responded to the hecklers, "I don't want to pick a fight but if I were them I'd be screaming, too, 'cause if you figured this out, they're toast for Election Day." As Hillary supporters went wild, Clinton added, "So have a good time."

For his part, Sanders still isn't ready to admit defeat. "If we can win, and win big here in California and in the other states, and in Washington DC, we are going to go into the Democratic convention with enormous momentum," he assured fans at a rally at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Saturday. "With your help, I believe, we will come out with the nomination."

Asked about his supporters fervent "Bernie or Bust" movement in an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper on Sunday, the candidate dismissed the anchor's concerns that theirs was not "a palatable position."

"The idea that I can snap my fingers and have millions of supporters march in line—that is not what our effort is about," Sanders said.

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