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Why's everybody so up in arms over the riots in Greece? These are the same kids who went fucking bonkers when the Vandals played a USO show over there. Really think they're going to sit on their hands after a cop shoots a 15-year-old without just cause? Anyhow, while since last weekend every major media outlet has been sputtering commentary from their ergonomic desk chairs about the situation, we went right to the source and got in touch with some Greeks to see what was really doing. A day and a half later they sent over a bunch of amazing photos. They also sent us some interviews with the protesters.


Most of what they gave us took place at the National Technical University of Athens, all shot the night after the riot police attacked them with smoke bombs, stun bombs, and tear gas. They ran in through the gates of the university compound as the riot squads were closing in and beating them down.

Historically, the university's been a place for revolutionary-minded individuals to organize and mix Molotov cocktails in peace. In 1973 it was the site of the Athens Polytechnic uprising, a giant, fiery fuck you to the dickwad junta in power at the time. University campuses are supposed to be neutral ground under Greek law—a sort of asylum that is technically off-limits to police and government officials. Being that this whole thing erupted because cops in Greece don't give a shit about "rules," we're wondering how long before they drive a tank through the gates of the school just like they did in '73. Not very long from the looks of things (although there are reports that things are cooling off).

In case you haven't been following this as closely as you should have been, allow us to make it crystal clear that it isn't just anarchists who're firebombing buildings and setting cars ablaze. A lot of these rabble-rousers are just fed-up students. They're kids who are pissed about having no future in a country where the government is a joke. They wholeheartedly believe that the system is beyond busted and there is no way to fix it. Obviously they aren't letting the press slither around the place, so you're not going to find stuff like this anywhere else. As far as we know, this is the first time anyone has published photographs from inside the walls of the university during this week's riots.


The Greek on the wall reads "16 years dead." In Greece, when you're 15 they say you're "going on 16." This wall refers to the kid who was shot.

Here's a statue outside the Academy where one of the most important libraries of the country was burned. The dean and his assistants resigned.

Mike, 15-year-old anarchist, with petrol, his weapon of choice, which is thrown on the cops and then lit.

Three rioters taking a breather before they head out to the "battle" with cocktail in hand. That is not beer.

An impromptu lesson in making bombs at the Polytechnic University.

Anarchists with a flag from Alpha Bank, one of the banks they destroyed.

Crowbar and gasoline, just in case.

At one point the guys got stuck in the university. It was impossible to leave—at one entrance riot police were going crazy and at the other some skinheads were stabbing everyone.

Breaking the university marbles for ammunition.

The protesters get hit by plastic bullets and fall with their bombs, which end up burning the shit out of them. An extinguisher to put out those fires.

At the cemetery gates.

A scorched building and a scorched car.

All photos by Freddie F. and Stathis Mamalakis. Go here for a blog about the riots written by the shit-disturbers themselves.