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We held our new Festival Guide and CD sampler launch party in Sydney over the weekend at the The Oxford Art Factory and it went down a treat. Those who got there early enough for the free turps got to check out the listening party for the Black Lips new album, Good Bad Not Evil that you can buy, play and enjoy as of next week courtesy of Etch n Sketch and Vice Records. Mission Control, Cassette Kids, Outrun and Art Rush provided the live action while Tranterco and Co. made sure none of us went home early. For those who didn't make it along (we don't want to hear your excuses) and for those that did and just wanted to check how good you looked on the night then have a peek at some of the photos from the night here.


Jameson supplied us a couple of cases of Whisky to suck down while we featured the Black Lips new album Good Bad Not Evil. Whisky lime and dry all round. Black Lips new album 'Good Bad Not Evil' out Nov 26th On VICE Records / Etch and Sketch. Dead Mike Kills it. Dustin Dollin doing what he does (second) best. This is Tall Myki the better half of Dj's Mike Tyson. In Sydney there are loads of mykis so their distinguished by either their height or sexuality. In Tall Myki's case - height drr… If you give me a dollar i'll buy you a drink? Art Rush - This guy fucking rules - sounds like a young RnB inspired Billy Joel making love to beck in days of mellow gold. Sometmes I love you so much I wish you were my Dad. Outrun - We flew electro duo Outrun up from Melbourne to play first Sydney Show. Apparently they have had 126 friend request on Myspace since. Mostly pretty young single girls and record companies wanting to sign them. Cassette Kids - Went nuts. Mission Control from Melbourne closed the bands with their well rehearsed haunting electro acid psyche pop set - by this stage our photographer Luke Shirlaw was so high from snorting a rock he found sitting between a pair of purky sydney breast he forgot to snap them. Nice. The great thing about Sydney is you can just be yourself. Tom from the Mercy Arms.