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January 13, 2010, 12:01pm

Did you see Captain Moore from our

high-seas Pacific garbage adventure

on the Colbert Report last week? We did. We got a mass email from him the day before that explained that the show "enjoys a fairly large audience, especially with young people," and that "Stephen Colbert brings guests with serious issues to discuss and tries to throw them off message with semi-spurious questions and comments." Then we went and watched him and afterward he invited us to the Explorers' Club. Have you ever been to the Explorers' Club? We have.

Needless to say, it rules.

This narwhale tusk was like 12 feet long. It took me 3 photos just to get the whole thing in. I was so stoked I didn't even think to put the emperor penguin next to it in the shot.

Possibly the best exit sign of all time.