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December 22, 2009, 8:06am

More or less, the French don't like anyone who isn't from their country (France). They don't like the Spanish (they're hairy!), they don't like the Portuguese (they're working-class!), they don't like Americans (they're stupid!), they don't like the British (they're snobish!), and they don't like the Belgians (they're retards!). But the thing they "don't like" the most must be the Arabs. At the begining of the 80s, the majority of North African immigrants were living in huge new builidings called "cités," which you would probably refer to as "projects." This is still the case almost 30 years later. Some of them became tough guys and made some money through stealing and selling drugs (which is unacceptable for the average citizen) and from here began the stereotypical French picture of "the Arab." It was also the birthplace for jokes like these, which again astonished our American editors for their similarity to the racist jokes they grew up hearing. Q. Mohamed and Mouloud are in a car, who's driving? A. The police. Q. How do you say "Alice in Wonderland" in Arabic? A. Fatima in the house. Q. What do you call two Arab guys in front of a trash can? A. A family portrait. Q. What do you call two Arab guys and two Arab girls in front of a trash can? A. A night-club. Q. Who invented the triathlon? A. The Arabs, because they begin by foot, swim over, and go back on bike. Q. How long does it take an Arab woman to take out the trash? A. Nine months. An American man, a French guy, and an Arab are all on a plane. Suddenly the pilot comes over the PA and says the plane is going to crash if they don't get rid of some unnecessary weight. The American takes a huge bag of hamburgers out of his suitcase and tosses it out the window, saying "Not a problem, I've got plenty of these where I come from." The Arab guy somehow produces an entire barrel of oil and tosses it out, saying "Not a problem, I got plenty of this where I come from." The French guy thinks things over for a minute, then grabs the Arab and throws him out the window. Q. What's the difference between a run-over dog and a run-over Arab? A. There's usually skid marks in front of the dog. Q. What's the difference between E.T and an arab? A. ET eventually went home. Q. What's the one thing an arab would never get? A. A job. PREVIOUSLY 10 Bogan Jokes 10 Limburger Jokes JULIEN MOREL