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A Year of Lil Wayne: "Alchemist Shit"

More Curren$y, Wayne, and the The Alchemist for your weekend.

Day 34: "Alchemist Shit" feat. Curren$y – The Dedication, 2005

Hey, why not spend some more of your weekend listening to Lil Wayne and Curren$y rapping over Alchemist beats​? As a Genius contributor points out​, this beat is originally from an archival Mobb Deep song, "Backwards."​ Never say Wayne doesn't appreciate the New York deep cuts! And these lines are just as smooth as can be: "I'm a young macaroni with cheese / My girl from Belize / She never wanna believe / I'm a rapper she just rather /think I'm handsome and sweet." Add it to your Sunday afternoon chill playlist and level up.

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