This story is over 5 years old.

Jammz's "Right Now" is the Existential Grime Banger We Need Right Now

"It's ironic that if you want to keep hold of your sanity, you gotta be numb right now"

On Nov 3, London MC Jammz will drop his much hyped Warrior EP, containing five vicious grime tracks featuring the likes of Shemzy, P Money and Scott Garcia. Today we're premiering "Right Now", which is probably one of the most lyrically dexterous tracks of his young career to date.

On it, Jammz angrily examines the world around him. He takes shots at government corruption and the lack of a voice for working class communities, while also reasoning with the way so many of us have evolved to care more and more about ourselves and our immediate environment, than giving a toss about the world around us. The beauty is that it's all packaged up in such thumping production that you could easily listen to it four times thinking it's just a near-perfect club track, before even realising how deep it cuts.

​Listen below: