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Whoa! Yung Lean Just Shared a Lost Verse From Keith Ape’s “It G Ma”

What happened to this?
Daisy Jones
London, GB

​Last summer, there was absolutely no escaping Keith Ape's "It G Ma". The track – which includes verses from JayAllDay, Kohh, Okasian and Loota – was blasted out of rolled-down car windows from Tokyo to London to Atlanta. It was the soundtrack to the VFILES runway at New York Fashion Week. It was remixed by A$AP Ferg, Wacka Flocka Flame and Father. Hell, we even made a documentary about the Great Korean Invasion of Keith Ape​. He was everywhere; gold grills bared, braids swinging, the Underwater Squad always in tow.


And now, the viral echo of "It G Ma" is bouncing into our lives once more, because Yung Lean has just blessed us with a rare gift: a lost verse he recorded for the track. In it, he spits 16-and-a-half bars to be glugged down like Calpol, alongside a visual courtesy of 88Rising. We have no idea when this verse was recorded, or why it wasn't used, but its existence makes perfect sense considering Lean's dedication to South Asian culture. So pause your activities, lean in, and press play below.

(Image via Instagram​).