Hacking BMW’s Heated Seats

On this week’s Cyber, we learn about why reporter Joseph Cox doesn’t have a smartphone and how to hack BMW’s heated seats.
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What do an iPad, the Department of Homeland Security, and heated seats in a BMW all have in common? Motherboard staff writer Joseph Cox has written about all of them.

In this episode of Cyber, it’s a JC potpourri. First, how exactly does the Department of Homeland Security track phones across the country? Then we’ll get to the bottom of that viral story about BMW selling subscriptions to heated seats and what hackers might have to say about it. Finally, we’ll get to the bottom of JC’s new iPad situation and finally answer the question: why doesn’t he have a smartphone?


Stories discussed in this episode:

Documents Show DHS Tracks Smartphones Across the Country

Apple Killed My Precious iPod. Can an iPad Mini Be My New Everyday Messaging Device?

BMW Wants to Charge for Heated Seats. These Grey Market Hackers Will Fix That.

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