Man Wins 7-Year Legal Battle To Not Have To Be ‘Fun’ at Work

A clear win for setting workplace boundaries – but a sad loss for happy hours the world over.
Photo: Stock image posed by model. Mr T. from this story appears nowhere in this image.

France’s highest court has ruled that a man fired by a consulting firm for failing to go out for drinks with his colleagues was wrongfully dismissed.

The man, referred to as Mr T. in court documents, was fired by Paris-based Cubik Partners in 2015 because he refused to take part in team-building activities and weekend social events, which his lawyers argued included “excessive alcoholism” and “promiscuity.”

Mr. T claimed that the “fun” culture in the company involved “humiliating and intrusive practices” including crude nicknames and sharing his bed with another employee during work functions.

The company’s lawyers argued that the former employee sometimes had a “brittle and demotivating tone” toward subordinates, and struggled with feedback and differing points of view.

But the Court of Cassation ordered Cubik Partners to pay Mr T. €3,000 (about £2,500) in damages, and said it would look into his demand for a further €461,406 (about £400,000) at a later date.