Monthly Horoscope: Virgo, December 2022

Welcome to Sagittarius season, dear Virgo!
Sagittarius and Capricorn

The sun in Sagittarius illuminates the hearth and family sector of your chart, inspiring a warm and energetic atmosphere at home. This is an exciting time to entertain loved ones, as the sun in fire sign Sagittarius is all about festivity! Merriment is big for Sagittarius, and your personal life can feel quite uplifting at this time. You could be connecting with family or connecting with a friend or lover on a deeper level, perhaps letting them into your life in a significant way. You might be moving, reorganizing, or redecorating your home. Your connection with the past could also be explored at this time, perhaps by connecting with ancestors or revisiting childhood memories.


Venus in Sagittarius opposes Mars retrograde in Gemini and connects with Saturn in Aquarius on December 1, which can find you reaching an important turning point in how you balance your personal life and career. Being more selective about how you spend your time and organize your to-do list could bring the progress you’re looking for in your personal life. Saying no to people’s requests or invitations may be hard—you might feel like you’re missing out on an opportunity—but time is a hugely valuable resource and you need to be wise about how you spend yours. Getting clear on your values and goals will help you sort out the best use of your time. Also on December 1, your ruling planet Mercury in Sagittarius squares off with Neptune in Pisces, finding you managing misunderstandings or delays: The mood may be a touch lazy or distracted, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself or others!

Neptune ends its retrograde in Pisces on December 3, finding you connecting with your partners on a deep level. Dreams and fantasies can be shared. Venus squares off with Neptune on December 4, inspiring a hugely romantic atmosphere! However, you and your partners could feel especially sensitive or emotional, and while love connections feel particularly profound during this alignment, disappointments could be upsetting, too. Find ways to stay grounded and present, and don’t let worry or paranoia take over.


The mood shifts as Mercury squares off with Jupiter in Pisces and Mercury enters fellow earth sign Capricorn on December 6. Mercury’s clash with Jupiter inspires optimism, and good news may come your way. An exciting meeting could take place. Mercury in Capricorn may bring fun party invitations, find you connecting with a new crush, or deepen communication in your established partnerships. News or buzz about your creative work is in the air!

The full moon in Gemini arrives on December 7, finding you achieving a great accomplishment in your career! Reward or recognition may come your way; this is an exciting time to be in the spotlight! You could be completing a project or goal; information you’ve been seeking may become clear. You might be letting go of the past in some significant way, and as the sun opposes Mars retrograde on December 8, you’re making an important decision to let go of the past and embrace new possibilities in your future. 

Venus squares off with Jupiter and Venus enters Capricorn on December 9, inspiring plenty of fun, romance, and creativity! Venus’s square with Jupiter finds you and a partner growing even closer, and if you’re looking for love, this is an exciting time to find it! Venus in Capricorn is especially great for romance, pleasure, and art. In fact, creative work may become especially successful at this time! Exciting celebrations take place, and fun is a big priority, but be careful not to overspend or overindulge as Venus squares off with the planet of exaggeration, Jupiter. 


The sun connects with Saturn and Mercury enters its pre-retrograde shadow on December 12: The sun’s alignment with Saturn inspires a supportive atmosphere as you focus on your responsibilities and to-do list. An issue that’s been lingering may finally be resolved. With Mercury entering its pre-retrograde shadow period, note that discussions and plans may be revisited and reworked once Mercury retrograde begins on December 29. The retrograde might feel like it’s already begun as the sun squares off with Neptune on December 14. Miscommunications and delays are stirred, and people could feel quite sensitive—but this is short-lived as Mercury connects with Uranus in fellow earth sign Taurus on December 17, bringing unexpected news and communication breakthroughs. You could be connecting with someone far away, or going on an adventure. A lucky guess might win you something exciting! 

Jupiter enters Aries on December 20, finding you gaining access to a wealth of resources. Just be sure that generosity shared with you at this time doesn’t come with strings attached. Jupiter in Aries might feel like you’ve been given your first credit card: There’s so much you can buy… but is it really in your best interest? While Jupiter moves through Aries, people may be eager to support you, but be wise with the credit that’s given to you over the next few months. Finances, especially themes like debt, taxes, inheritances, or shared resources, are a big theme in the coming months.


Capricorn season begins and the sun squares off with Jupiter on December 21, inspiring an over-the-top, fun atmosphere, but be careful not to overindulge! Capricorn season is an exciting time for your love life and can also find you experiencing a creative breakthrough. Virgos are famously hard workers, but this is your season to let loose and enjoy yourself! Unexpected fun may arrive as Venus connects with Uranus on December 22, and you’re enjoying some unexpected novelties. A surprising turn takes place with a crush, or you and an established partner could be experimenting with new ways to connect. Your artwork could also take a surprising and inspiring turn! An adventure may suddenly present itself.

The new moon in Capricorn takes place on December 23, finding you committed to having more fun. New moons symbolize new beginnings, and this one finds you falling in love with someone for the first time, or all over again! You could begin a new art project, too, and creative inspiration may be found. Your intuition gets a boost as Mercury connects with Neptune on December 24, and you and your partners have deep, emotional conversations. This alignment inspires a compassionate and understanding atmosphere that’s lovely for deep connection. Venus connects with Neptune on December 28, inspiring a hugely romantic atmosphere! A whimsical, magical energy flows, and spiritual connections are deepened. It’s a wonderful month to fall in love! 

Mercury retrograde begins in Capricorn on December 29. Also on this day, Mercury meets Venus, inspiring a cheerful atmosphere. Mercury retrogrades are typically times of miscommunication and delays, but this Mercury retrograde just wants you to party! Yes, celebrations may be rescheduled and there might be misunderstandings about where to meet, but if you can keep things flexible, you might find this to be an interesting time when you reconnect with the things and people you love. You might run into old friends and lovers. You could revisit a place where you’ve had plenty of fun in the past. You may revisit an art project you’d put on the back burner. If you have to travel, sign a contract, or buy something new, double check everything, stay flexible, and slow down.

Venus and Pluto meet in the new year, January 1, 2023, inspiring a hugely passionate atmosphere. A profound romantic connection forms, or intimacy with an established partner deepens in some significant way. A powerful breakthrough could take place. Your art may develop a special edge to it.

Good luck this month, Virgo, and see you in January!