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The Tesla of Electric Toothbrushes Just Landed (and It’s Cordless)

Mode’s mouth machine just plugs into the wall to recharge, and polishes your pearly whites at 38,000 sonic vibrations per minute.
Red Toothbrush mode
Photo Courtesy of Mode

A soft, tapered tip. The joys of 38,000 sonic vibrations per minute, dancing upon your tongue—we never pinned ourselves as the type to write erotic toothbrush fanfiction, but Mode’s new high-tech electric toothbrush has us so whipped, we can’t help but sing its praises. Just look at this dall, dark, and handsome stranger:

Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 12.49.23 PM.png

Photo: Courtsey of Mode

It’s hard to believe we’re not locking eyes with Adrien Brody when we gaze upon that broody, matte black-finished mouth machine, which is the world’s first electric toothbrush that not only docks magnetically, but charges without any wires or cords. That means you get the gift of having even counter space for a Mountain Dew-themed beer/skincare mini-fridge, a fancy eye massager, lava lamp, and whatever else floats your type-A Virgo boat. 


$165 at Mode

$165 at Mode

The toothbrush is Mode’s first-ever product, and while the brand is new, the 5-star reviews are pouring in with praise for its powerful but sensitive vibrations, 30-day battery charge duration, and great customer service. “I have been burned by ordering products from random companies online with long shipping times [before],” one reviewer writes, “[but Mode] answered my questions within an hour so I ordered. [My] package arrived in 2 days.” Unlike comparable brands such as Sonicare, Mode is a service-based company that wants to replace any parts on your toothbrush over time so that you can use this sucker for life. Which is better for your teeth, your wallet, and for Mama Earth. 

It’s wild to think about the amount of plastic toothbrushes we’ve discarded over the years. And as much as we’d like to continue contributing to New Zealand’s famous toothbrush fence, it’s high-time to hang up our cheap drugstore toothbrush hat (well, technically it’s a bucket hat) and invest in the kind of one-and-done device that can go the distance.  

Mode’s cordless electric toothbrush is available for purchase at Mode.

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